How To Plan Your Week Effectively

The Art of Improvement
5 min readJan 23, 2022

In his celebrated book on organization, The Bullet Journal Method, Ryder Carroll describes his personal organization and productivity system: the bullet journal.

Throughout his life, Carroll struggled with keeping track of tasks, often forgetting important information, and feeling overwhelmed by tasks. However, through trial and error (and after trying countless other organization systems), he finally hit upon a way to, as he puts it,

“Track the past, order the present, and design the future.”

Enter: the bullet journal, a pen and notebook system that takes things back to basics. Part to-do list and part journal, the bullet journal revolutionized the way Carroll approached his life, his work, and how he got things done. And it’s helped many others do the same.

In his book, Carroll breaks down exactly how to use the bullet journal system, but he also offers some insights on how to plan your days more effectively. Many of these tips can actually apply to whatever productivity system you use in your own life.

Whether you use the bullet journal method yourself or stick with a simple to-do list, or use an online system like Notion, Google Calendar, or something else entirely, you can implement some of these principles to make your life simpler and more…