How to Stop Overthinking and Overcome Self-Doubt

The first thing we can do is change the way we think about our goals.

Next, remember that other people are mostly interested in themselves

Try meditation

Let the buzz of thoughts in your head out onto the page.

  • Is this fear really worth keeping me from trying something new?
  • Will this fear result in my death or the end of the world?
  • Am I just negotiating with myself to try and get out of doing something I know I should do?

And if you can’t journal, talk out loud

Embrace Your Self-Doubt

Most Importantly: Take Action Anyway!

  1. We stop overthinking because we’re focused on moving forward,
  2. We actually move towards our goal, obviously, and…
  3. We give ourselves momentum so the next time we encounter self-doubt, we remember that the last time wasn’t so bad and we can forge ahead regardless.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Final Thoughts



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