How to Think Like a High Achiever

Adopting the Mindset and Strategies of the Exceptionally Successful

The Art of Improvement
7 min readMar 3, 2024

A productivity-based mindset is the high achiever’s bread and butter. When everything boils down to day-to-day life — the ‘ grind ‘ — productivity is the beating heart of everything we do and produce. Every Miles Davis song, any groundbreaking new medicine and any shiny new skyscraper is the result of productive people coming together to work and achieve great things.

A low drive for productivity is a challenge pretty much everyone faces at some point in life. Letting it fester can drag the most ambitious person down to the depths of dissatisfaction. Typically, the more productive we are, the better about ourselves we feel. That sense of accomplishment is unrivalled and does wonders for our self-esteem levels, so when we’re unable to replicate it consistently, it can affect more than just work. Errands such as food shopping require productive energy to carry you from one task to the next. Without it, things can pile up and weigh you down.