How to Work on Yourself

3 Key Strategies for Personal Empowerment

The Art of Improvement
7 min readApr 14, 2024

In the pantheon of self-improvement buzzwords, ‘empowerment’ feels among the boldest. To empower is to literally give power to yourself. It feels intimidating in its grandiosity — as if the act of personal empowerment requires a life-changing act (or something to remember, at least.)

It may feel difficult, then, to actively push for a personally empowered life.

However, misvaluing its importance in the grand self-improvement scheme of things is an error not worth committing. To personally empower yourself allows you to organically grow confidence as you can firmly say yes, I did choose myself today. Achievements become more likely when you instil empowering levels of confidence in your mindset.

It doesn’t need to be a sweeping action either. Personal empowerment comes in micro-sized portions — you might choose to holiday by yourself to avoid the chaos of group planning, for example, or simply choose to not get out of bed at 7 am. Personal empowerment is all about seizing control of your life and…